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How to get the most out of your next Photoshoot

How to get the most out of your next Photoshoot

Maybe you have done a shoot or maybe it's seemed so overwhelming that you just haven't been able to pull the trigger. I want to break down how to prep, how to get the most bang for your buck and start feeling confident in front of the camera.

Find Photographer

I get asked all the time how I found my photographer and honestly I got lucky. She cold emailed me, offered me an intro price and it was love at first flash, haha. If you aren’t as lucky as me I recommend cruising IG or Facebook for local artists and also Googling and checking Google reviews for local photographers. Once you find your photographer remember that is is a collaborative effort. Make a Pinterest board with Inspo, collect pictures, colors and vibes that you are going for and share that with the photographer ahead of time. The more collaborative I have been with my photographer the better the pics come out. AND the more I have worked with her the better the pics get. Just like anything, the more you do the better you get the more ideas you have. So Like I always say just start and learn as you go, nothing needs to be perfect.


Make a List

This is really the key for getting the most bang for your buck. I start compiling a list of ideas, as well as specific shots I want to get for my website, IG and any other promo. For example, I want some new Cold Roller Pics, but let's get more specific. I want some clean and bright product shots. This is where we will typically do a flat-lay (product laying on bright color paper) and I also want some lifestyle pictures, meaning I want someone using the cold roller on themselves or even showing the cold roller being used in the treatment room. Then beyond that I'll get even more specific. 

Example of list

Cold roller shot- horizontal + vertical

Mini Cold roller-- horizontal + vertical

Cold Roller and Mini Cold Roller together- horizontal + vertical

Kasey using Cold roller

Kasey using cold roller on client in treatment room

See what I am doing here?

Getting Specific.

Horizontal for IG feed and my website. Vertical is great for promo, like newsletter + print and IG stories.

Bring Outfit Changes

The more outfit changes and options you have the better. When I did my first shoot I only had one outfit and discovered very fast that not only did I get sick of seeing myself in the same outfit everywhere but so did my audience.We are in the age of social media where we are always looking for new and exciting content. So the more you can diversify your content the better. Meaning outfit changes, different backdrops and angles. Take a few pics in each outfit and then move on. You can also change your hair, make-up (I like switching my lip color since it doesn't take that much time or effort) and even jewelry.

So now that you found your photographer, made your shot list and have your outfits picked out go have fun, get creative and show me what you have created! I can’t wait to see.

Questions? Drop them below

Xoxo Kasey

A few examples of different shot types below

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