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The Importance of Intake Forms for Estheticians

The Importance of Intake Forms for Estheticians

This is a crucial step that EVERY esthetician needs to take before performing ANY treatments

Client intake forms. I know, I know, it’s not the sexiest topic. But it’s a topic we need to discuss. 

An intake form is a very important document that captures all of the information about your client’s needs and preferences before conducting any treatment. It’s your responsibility as the esthetician to be recommending treatments and services that will fit your client’s needs - and what better way to do that than through an intake form? 

Let’s go over a few of the reasons why you need to have your clients fill out intake forms AND how you can customize them to make sure you’re asking the right questions. 

It’s the key to understanding your client’s goals! 

An intake form is the most effective way to dive deeper and understand your client. This will not only help you and your client build a trusting relationship, but it’ll also help you better serve them

Before performing any treatment whatsoever, you as the professional should be taking the time to understand their current needs and how you can help them achieve their goals through your services. (Plus, let’s be honest, when it comes to skin, we don’t want to take any risks. Go the extra mile and ask the right questions!) 

It helps you keep track of progress. 

You should be having your client fill out an intake form at every single visit. It’s the best way to measure the progress they’re having from the treatments. This might sound redundant to your client but you’d be surprised how quickly things can change overnight. You never know if their skin conditions have changed or what other external factors have shifted from the last visit… plus, this is a great opportunity to upgrade and offer add-ons. So, do your due diligence and have them fill out an intake form every single time! 

It keeps you out of trouble. 

I’m pretty sure the last thing you’d want to have happen is to see your client having an allergic reaction or any kind of negative response to treatment. There is A LOT to consider when you’re dealing with skin. An intake form will dig into your client’s medical history, their personal skin history, and give you EVERYTHING you need to know to make sure you carry out a safe and effective treatment. 

If you’ve been unsure what to include in your intake form, as always, we’ve got you covered!

 We put together a 3-page Glow Standard Intake Form with you, the busy etsy in mind. It also includes a 1-page “day of appointment” form for all clients to fill out, new and old. We all need intake forms, but I know it’s hard to carve out the time to create a custom form (that’s also super cute) that will ask ALL of the right questions. 

This form will have everything and anything you need to effectively get to know your clients, from a “day of appointment” form for all clients to fill out, both old and new (this will cover you every time) to the most important questions to be asking about skin type, skin concerns, and more. Grab yours here! (And if you’re a Skin and the City Member, we always have the hook-up for you, grab yours for 50% off!)

*You can use these forms as a digital download on your iPad and clients can easily fill it out with a stylus. Or, if you prefer the old pen to paper, we recommend printing this out on medium-weight paper. 

If you’re looking to really level up your intake form and add custom branding or just want to have your menu and add-ons included, we can help with that too! Reach out to Hailey for more details and to schedule a design consultation where she’ll spend 2 dedicated hours to help create your dream intake form and menu (pricing starts at $350). Email Hailey for more information at

Now go and get your intake on! 

Until next time,




To hear more, tune into our podcast episode! 

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