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Cosmedix Back Bar Must Haves

Cosmedix Back Bar Must Haves

You ask and you shall receive! I feel like I have been getting an influx of DMs recently about Cosmedix and specifically what to order in your back bar as a new Cosmedix esthetician.

I have to say that I'm so happy that so many of you are choosing to work with Cosmeidx. I have been using the line for almost 10 years. I love their products and so do my clients!


I do have to say that it can be difficult to suggest Back bar, because Back Bar is such a personal thing for each esthetician and there are sooooo many factors that play into Back Bar like... Amount of clients you see, what type of skin and concerns you typically treat. 


What I'm going to do is breakdown my MUST HAVES in my back bar and hopefully this will help you narrow down your decision. You are free to take what you like and of course, add more then what is suggested but this for the esty on a budget who wants to make the most of their Cosmedix Back Bar. The cool things with Cosmedix is the products are so versatile, enjoy the breakdown below and if you have a question drop them in the comments section below.


Purity Solution- Oil cleanser that can also be used as a make-up remover and massage medium,


Purity Clean- Great as an exfoliating cleanser but can also be applied to dry skin as a 5-min exfoliating mask.


Benefit Clean- The perfect gentle cleanser for ALL skin types, can also be used as a make-up remover



Pure enzymes- This is one of my favvvvvvvv products, seriously it works wonders on the skin. Use it as an exfoliation in your service, use it as a mask, I even use this as a cranberry enzyme peel in some of my services. This enzyme will not make you physically peel but it can make you red, which is totally normal!


Detox- The best clay mask on the market in my opinion that draw out impurities with out drying out the skin. Pro tip layer this on top of Pure enzymes for the Red Carpet Ready Glow.


Clear- If you are looking for the mask to treat congestion, acne and breakouts this is my go to. Apply to the entire face or as a spot treatment. For clients with very oily skin you can apply this again over Pure Enzymes to really BOOST the treatment.

Restore- I love restore! It smells great with scents of mango and papaya and it is soooo hydrating. This can be used as a hydrating mask as well as a light moisturizer or “sleep-mask” If using on your clients as a sleep mask use a dime sized amount and press into the skin.


Glow- Glow mask can be used as a brightening exfoliator because of its bamboo extract and as well as a brightening treatment that should be left on for 5-10 mins.

Other Must Haves


Purity Balance- Great as an exfoliating cleaner, a degreaser and acne treatment.


 Mystic- Can be used as a light, oil-free hydrator, toner and I even use this in my oxygen sprayer for a deep hydration and that glazed doughnut effect.

GLOW-TIP- Always finish off your facial treatment with an eye and lip serum.


Opti Crystal- My go-to eye serum for everyone

Lumi Crystal- My go-to lip hydrator for everyone

I Hope this helps you when it comes to ordering you back bar what how to use these amazing and versatile products that I love so much.

Click HERE to order Cosmedix


Xoxoxo Kasey

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