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What I Order to Keep My Spa Bedding “Comphy”

What I Order to Keep My Spa Bedding “Comphy”

Having comfortable and high-quality spa bedding is a non-negotiable for me. It sets the tone for your client’s experience and it’s a representation of you! 

I've got you covered if you’ve been on the hunt for good spa bedding. I have tried and tested MANY over the years, and I can confidently say that I’ve found my absolute favorite ones. I’ll never go back to using any other brand! 

Meet Comphy 

Comphy bedding has been a game-changer for my treatment room & client experience. Their products are designed specifically for spa use, they’re also sustainably designed! Comphy linens use less energy than any other spa bedding; they’re lighter than cotton so they dry faster and are recyclable. 


My Comphy Order

The fitted spa sheets with no elastic + the flat spa sheets sit snugly on my massage table. They’re wrinkle-free, quick-drying, recyclable, and stain resistant. Not to mention, they are so soft. Like so so soft! I always get compliments.

+ flat spa sheets are perfect for draping over your client and under a spa blanket. They’re available in massage, oversized, and twin sizes. I use the massage size! 

I always order my sheets in white but they’re both available in a bunch of other colors too.

+ eye pillow is also a MUST! They can be used cold or hot, I like to use them at room temperature or warm over the eyes while my client masks and I do a neck/shoulder massage. 

I love the eye pillow case from Comphy, I have them in gray. They’re the perfect way to put your client into a deep relaxation and act as black-out curtains for the eyes. 

Glow tip: These have a pocket to add essential oils, another great opportunity to use Glow EO! 

If you’re wondering what treatment bed I use, it’s the Milo facial bed. Read more HERE on why I love this bed. (P.S. use code KASEY for 5% off!) 




To hear more, tune into our podcast episode! 

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