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Glow Herbal Steam Refill is HERE!

Glow Herbal Steam Refill is HERE!

If you can’t get enough of the Glow Herbal Steam - have no fear! Refills are here. ;) 

A couple of months ago, I collaborated with My Friends Use This and created the perfect herbal blend. If you missed the blog about that, you can read it here.

Needless to say, you guys loved it so much and couldn’t get enough of it, so I had no choice but to make refills!

Just to do a quick recap if you haven’t grabbed yourself some Glow Herbal Steam, it’s a steam that I intentionally blended that’s made of organic herbs and flowers for antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals with added soothing, grounding, and citrusy aromatherapy that benefits directly through your professional-grade steamer. (It sounds heavenly and TRUST ME, it is heavenly.)

So, why should you pick up some refills for your Glow Herbal Steam? I’m glad you asked! 

Discount? Yes, please! 

 When you subscribe to the Glow Herbal Steam Refill, you save 5% every single month compared to the regular refill price! All I’m gonna say is that 5% adds up real quick.... Bonus: the shipping will work out to be much more affordable when you opt to subscribe as well. Win-win! 

You’ll gain exclusive access to content and resources to help you learn about your steam and how to promote them to your clients.

When you become a steam subscriber, you’ll gain instant access to tons of exclusive content and resources (including a steaming 101 YouTube tutorial from yours truly)! How does it work? Once you get your subscription, there will be a card in the box with a link to gain access to the exclusive content and resources! 

Easily customize your subscription to your liking!

Products will be delivered on your schedule. No obligation required! Cancel or modify your deliveries at any time. 

No harm to the environment with these eco-friendly refills. 

Glow Herbal Steam is designed to be eco-friendly - free from harmful chemicals and components. You can rest easy when you subscribe knowing that you’re giving your clients the perfect steam at no cost to the environment. :) 

Never ever run out of your favorite herbs again…

A facial steam is an esthetician's best friend. You should never go without an incredible herbal steam! Your clients will thank you, trust me. Once you subscribe, you’ll receive a fresh delivery every 30 days (unless you choose to customize the shipments otherwise). The refill will be enough for 2 small jars or to top off your large jar. It’ll come with approximately 20 uses and 20 steam bags! 

Ready to get your Glow on? 

Just follow these 3 easy steps:

Glow tip: Retail small herb jars to your clients for an at-home facial steam! 

Once you order your Glow Herbal Steam, be sure to check out my blog on the 3 steps to the perfect steam! With these tips, you’ll become your client’s favorite etsy in no time. 

Until next time,




To hear more, tune into our podcast episode! 

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