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Kasey Boone’s Summer Down Facial Protocol

Kasey Boone’s Summer Down Facial Protocol

ICYMI: Summer is officially here, which means reevaluating and adjusting your skincare routine is a must! I like to think of each season change as a blank slate for fresh faces, paired with the must-have essentials to give you extra glow to compliment your sun-kissed cheeks. I put together my summer down facial protocol along with my favorite products to use that will give your skin the glow up it deserves and that I can’t live without.

Step 1: Let’s get steamy

If you know me, you know I love a good facial steam. And I’m sure my fellow estheticians can agree that it’s one of their clients favorite parts of the treatment, too.   

Sun Down Summer Steam: I promise you when I say that this steam is everything and more that your treatment room needs this summer. This therapeutic and calming herbal blend that I created specifically for summer is my best selling herbal steam, and when infused with our glow towels, it elevates your treatments to another level. 

Glow Herbal Steam: Gimme all the antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, please and thank you. Those are all the benefits you get with this organic herbs and flower steam mix that your skin with thank you for this summer.

Step #2: Double cleansing is good for your skin and the soul

Double cleansing with gentle cleaners are quintessential for good skincare, especially in the summer. 

+ Benefit Clean by Cosmedix: My favorite cleaner, no surprise, is this one by Cosmedix. The super gentle cleaner dissolves dirt, oil, and makeup while leaving your skin with ample hydration your skin craves in the summer. 

Pro-Collogen Summer Bloom Cleansing Balm: This 3-in-1 cleansing balm provided your skin with a deep clean, while also softening and giving your skin the TLC it needs after a full day in the sun. 

Step #3: Masks

I personally love to apply masks using the two-brush technique using my champagne fan brushes, and I swear to you your clients will love this.  

Awaken Mask: This replenishing gel mask is the key to locking in moisture for your skin, and protecting it from environmental stressors like sun damage. 

+  Blue Legume Mask: If you want to give your skin an extra layer of moisture then this mask is what you’re looking for. This rich crème provides deep hydration and instantly soothes your skin after a day at the beach. 

Step #4: Relax, cold roll, and spray away your worries

PSA: I can’t live without the following skincare tools and sprays. They’re a part of my daily skincare routine and essential for a glowing complexion. 

Tiger’s Eye Gua Sha + Reflexology: The benefits of this gorgeous tool are incredible. Stimulating blood flow, promoting a glowing complexion, and helping to detoxify the skin are a few of many amazing benefits. 

Cold Roller: One of the best ways to stay cool this summer is to have a cold roller on hand. This is an invaluable tool that benefits everyone, including reducing redness from a day at the beach

Oxygen Sprayer: In my most recent blog, I shared with you my oxygen sprayer hack. This little sprayer can be a game-changer for an esthetician on a budget or someone just starting out, and will be in high demand in order to keep clients skin cool and hydrated all summer long. 

Sun Down Spray: This spray is a summer necessity. Your sun-kissed skin will thank you for this cooling herbal aloe mist that will calm, soothe and restore. I love to keep this spray with me on hand when I head to the pool and the beach.

++ P.S. Make sure to keep this spray in your mini fridge!

Sun Down Shimmer: If you’re looking for a sunless glow that also provides your summer skin with much needed moisture, this face and body highlighter is it. Add it to your moisturizer or lotion, or directly to your skin for an all over healthy glow. 

 Zinc it Over SPF Mist: My favorite SPF spray for the summer that does more than protect your skin. This spray was designed to be used over makeup but can also be used on bare skin to provide hydration and nourishment to your skin. Use code GLOW! for 10% off!

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