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Celluma LED 101

Celluma LED 101

Welcome to LED 101

I get a lot of questions about LED. Does it work? Which device do I use? and how can this be implemented into skincare treatments.

OK so here is the deal. I’ll be totally honest with you, as always.


    When LED first peaked my interest and I started looking around I saw devices that ranges from $5000 to $50. Yet that is a huge price difference and there is a reason. More on that in a minute. Anyhow when I saw some of the prices tags I said there is no way i want to invest that much money so I opted for a less expensive option that I found on amazon. xxxxxx Wrong answer. The First 2-3 I bought were cheap $300 each or less but they were a waste of my money. They were uncomfortable for the client, didn’t have true LED power backed by science and poorly made. So let’s do the math I pent approx $600-ish dollars for tools i was unhappy with and were not giving my clients the best results. So I went back to the drawing board and started to really do my research and thats when I came across Celluma. True LED power, back by science and a reasonable price. Once it arrived I started using on myself, my clients + my family and WOW the results were insane. I immediately noticed a difference! Yes these lights really work. More on that here.


    Here is the great thing about Celluma. All the panels are created (almost) equal. They are professional grade. Proven by science and backed by results. There are a few different panel options depending on size and treatment. The first panel I purchased was the Celluma LITE. This is a smaller panel with stands that will treat acne, anti-aging, wounds and pain. I love this panel and I use it everyday but realized I wanted a little bit larger of a panel that I could #1 cover more area + #2 was easier to use in the treatment room. So my next purchase was the Celluma SKIN. Again it is a large panel that can easily mold around the face, neck and décolleté when I’m working in the treatment room. This panels treats acne, anti-aging and wounds.


    There are soooo many cools ways to use this in the treatment room. Use it as an ADD-ON give your client the opportunity to enhance their treatment. I typically like to do this closer to the end of the treatment on clean dry skin and then once finished with the LED I will apply serums, moisturizer and spf. PRO TIP -LED is always best done on clean dry skin and applied as close to the skin as possible. Another great option is too add it into some of your speciality services. I added this into my Clarifying Facial to fight acne and my Anti-Aging facial to produce collagen. another PRO TIP-


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