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Esthetician Equipment Starter Kit- Budget vs. Bougie

Esthetician Equipment Starter Kit- Budget vs. Bougie

Breaking down all the equipment you need TO START your esthetician biz. Remember you can always add on from here and upgrade once you are ready.

+ Treatment Table

Budget Massage Table vs. Bougie Milo Electric Bed

I love a portable massage bed and used one for many years... but, I do have to say, upgrading to the electric bed was a game changer for me. It even comes with a removable pillow that everyone loves. More on why I love the electric bed HERE

+ Steamer

Budget Katana Steamer vs. Bougie Dyno Multi Function Machine

This is a MUST if you are using a steamer. Either way DO NOT waste your time and money on an amazon steamer or a table top steamer (I hate those lol). Get the Katana or the Dyno Multi function machine. P.S. the Dyno has a Katana attached to it plus other great modalities. More on the Katana Steamer HERE

+ Stool

Budget Amazon Stool vs. Bougie Comfortable Esthetician Chair

Support your back, butt and BODYYYYY. These are both great options to start with.

+ Cart

Budget Amazon Cart vs. Bougie Spa Cart

I have to say I am not a cart type of girl...but, if you cant find a small dresser, a spa cart does the trick. Plus I DO like that these both roll. Bonus- the Spa cart has a lock on the top drawer!

+ Spa Bedding

Budget Amazon Bedding vs. Bougie Comphy Co Spa Bedding

I know some esty's don't use bedding but I highly recommend it. Bedding elevates the clients experience. Comphy Co Spa Bedding is wrinkle and stain resistant and super soft.

+ Headbands

Budget Disposable Headbands vs. Bougie Glow Headbands

A headband during a treatment is a must, we all know that. So what you need to decide, disposable or reusable? Get what suits you, your spa and your clients needs best.

+ Must Haves

Towel Warmer it's cute, it's compact and hold up to 15 Glow Towels™ and takes up little space

Glow Towel™ Don't waste your money on scratchy towels, start with Glow Towels™. They are such an easy way to elevate your service and stand out in the crowd.

So, now all you need to decide is are you feeling budget or are you feeling bougie? It is up to you!

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this was very helpful! as an esthetician i find it very important to invest in yourself and equipment

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