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My Must-Have Machines of 2023

My Must-Have Machines of 2023
2023 has been another year of upgrades for me thanks to Spa and Equipment. Below I'm breaking down the new facial machines I have been using and LOVING.
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This new machine features revolutionary equipment including a steamer, magnifying light, high frequency and galvanic that is sleek and sturdy. Perfect for a new esthetician or someone working in a small space and wants multifunctions!
This table has a one-of-a-kind design with nearly unlimited positioning combinations which will give you the ultimate freedom. Including separate head and leg elevation, a new tilt option and my favorite, built-in LED light strips under the bed to customize a unique, vibrant color. Not to mention the lights have a remote control. So cool!
Will take you to the next level and it's perfect for those who want a super custom machine. It comes with 3 standard tools- steamer with flexible accordion head, mag lamp and hot towel cabby, PLUS 6 tools that you get to choose. It's strong, sturdy, sleek and perfect for the seasoned busy esty who wants it ALL!
I FINALLY found a spa cart I like! Sleek design with two drawers. The pop drawer even has a lock. This cart is super durable, rolls like butter and is a must in my book.
I hope this helps you find your new favorite machines! Also, if you are needing some visuals, head over to @glowskincarela where you can see these babies in action.
Happy Shopping!

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