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One Multi-Function Facial Machine That Has It All

One Multi-Function Facial Machine That Has It All

If you are looking to start your own esthetician business or you’re looking for an upgrade, look NO further. 

I have recently discovered this magical multi-function tool and I am in love. Get ready for your whole life to change because this machine has EVERYTHING you need to do incredible facial treatments for your clients.

Enough fluff and let’s get right into exactly what this facial machine is and WHY you need it. 

Meet the Dyno Spa Facial Multi-Function Skin Care Machine

It features a digital katana steamer (Yes, you read that right!) 

This bad boy includes a digital Katana steamer which I LOVE because of the digital timer included. The Katana facial steamer is my favorite steamer of all time and if you missed my past blog about that, you can read it here! I was finally able to try the digital and I have to say, I like them both! But the digital option is much quieter and has the steam level options which is a nice bonus.

A vacuum for DEEP cleansing.

Need I say more? This gadget has an incredible vacuum that helps bring skin impurities to the surface and makes for hassle-free extractions. 

High-frequency, baby! 

I love some good high-frequency therapy and this machine is amazing at that. It helps kill acne loving bacteria, reduces inflammation and redness, as well as product absorption and circulation.

Spray to soothe and cool the skin.

Another huge pro to this machine is the spray which also helps with product absorption. It’s similar to an oxygen sprayer and helps spray the toner of choice for a hydrating & cooling effect. LOVE!  I’m a huge fan of anything that’ll help my clients get the most out of their treatment services.

Lightweight & easy handling facial brush.

The rotating brush system on this is fantastic! It’s lightweight, easy to use, and runs pretty quietly. It’s an amazinggg feature for cleansing the pores deeply.

Mag lamp, hello! 

Of course, you gotta love the magnifying lamp. It has an optical lens and soft tube light which helps with finding any acne or dark spots 10x more effectively. 

Easy & convenient storage.

The towel / tool basins are a life-changer. Enjoy convenient storage for all of your tools and towels!

Galvanic for blood circulation and of course, deeper product absorption.

All around, this machine is golden for making sure your client gets the most out of their facial. The Galvanic helps push products deeper into the skin while improving blood circulation, win-win. 

Wood’s lamp to expose those skin conditions.

Skin conditions that normally wouldn’t be easy to identify to the naked eye are no longer an issue with this machine. The wood’s lamp uses deep violet rays to help expose these skin conditions which allow you to effectively treat the skin. I have to say that this is my first ever wood’s lamp and I am NOT disappointed. I wish I had gotten one earlier in my career - so don’t sleep on this!

Time to join the club & grab your Multi-Function Skin Care Machine!

I love sharing equipment and tools that make my life as an esthetician a whole lot easier and I hope this machine does wonders for you, as it has for me! Beware… the machine is BIG. But so is the value! 

If you grab one for yourself, get the most bang for your buck by signing up for the Pro Membership from Spa & Equipment if you haven’t already! Trust me – it’s worth it, especially for big purchases like this. 

Use discount code “KASEY” at checkout to save $$$ too! 


Until next time, 




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