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Reasons Why I Love The Champagne Fan Brush

Reasons Why I Love The Champagne Fan Brush

Look NO further, the fan brush of your dreams is here. Let me introduce you to a real good friend of mine, the Champagne Fan Brush.

Ah, where to even begin. I’ve tried SO many fan brushes (I’ve even lost count of how many) and none seemed to quite hit the mark. There’d always be something off whether it was the metal sometimes scratching a client’s face, the handles falling apart, or the bristles shedding. (Which is ultra annoying, I’m sure you can agree).

But… I come bearing good news! I’ve finally found the ONE. I took matters into my own hands and created the Champagne Fan Brush, it’s a must have addition to your treatment room or vanity. So, let’s dive into all the wonderful reasons why I love this fan brush, shall we?

It has super soft synthetic mink bristles.

There is NOTHING more unpleasant than applying a face mask and having rough bristles scratch against your face. There’s no more of that with this fan brush! You can finally rest easy and enjoy a smooth relaxing facial experience. 

The bristles don’t shed! Yes, you read that right. Shed-free! 

I can’t count how many times I’ve had a fan brush and just moments into using it, there’s a mess. Bristles have gone everywhere. If you’re looking for a mess-free experience, the Champagne Fan Brush is FOR you. 

The Champagne Gold wooden handle is made with a thick protective coating.


Going back to a mess-free and hassle-free experience, when you’re disinfecting your fan brush you don’t have to worry about the handle falling apart and the entire brush going to trash, essentially. The Champagne Fan Brush is sturdy and oh-so-resilient.


There’s a long handle designed to provide you with more mobility and support.


The handle is one of the most important parts of the fan brush, it gives you the control and mobility to perform whatever facial treatment you’re undergoing or providing a client. Which is why the Champagne Fan Brush is a fan-fav! It provides all-around pleasant and steady control for you. 


It’s easy to use and won’t scratch the client. (Woohoo!)


Of course, you want to give your clients nothing but the best. But how can you provide the best when your fan brush is scratching your client’s face? Well, you can’t. No more worries here, the Champagne Fan Brush is so easy to use and designed with such high-quality to avoid any scratches or unpleasant sensations. 


Last but not least, it’s sleek and beautiful.


Who doesn’t like a sleek, nice looking tool in their treatment room to whip out for an amazing client experience? You will be the most stylish esthetician on the block with the Champagne Fan Brush, and that’s just the truth. ;) 


Pro-tip: This fan brush pairs so nicely with my go-to summer mask, Blue Legume Lilfox. If you’re looking for a treatment mask that delivers exceptional hydration and reduces redness/irritation, you have to pick this mask up and give it a try! You’ll never go back to anything else.

I hope this fan brush changes your life like it did mine! It’s perfect for the treatment room, you can even use it alongside my two fan brush technique. I also recommend using this for any at-home treatments to have an elevated experience. You can also retail these to your clients! The possibilities are endless. 


Shop The Champagne Fan Brush here. Treat yourself, you deserve it! 


Until next time,



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