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Reasons why you need the wash your face headband in your life

Reasons why you need the wash your face  headband in your life

Hey guys, Hailey here! Kasey was kind enough to allow me to write this week’s here ya go!

Reasons why you NEED the “Wash Your Face” Headband in your life

Okay, we all wash our face...hopefully! But having a cute little reminder never hurt. A few months ago I came to Kasey with an idea for a new product. It wasn’t exactly an invention or a completely original idea, but I wanted a custom headband to go with my custom skincare routine. Surely you would too, right? So, Kasey being a total yes man made my vision come to life. We created the “Wash your face” headband made out of the world’s softest material. As if that’s not good enough, we paired it with a sassy embroidered headline WASH YOUR FACE...get it? head? line? Cheesy, I know. And, to top it all off, it comes with the most adorable pink washcloth. This is pretty much a cuteness explosion and we are all about it.

So let me hit ya with it, these headband + washcloth duos are perfect for so many reasons.

Great for everyone

First of all, anyone can use it. You, me, wrinkly, acneic, dry, oily, you name it!

The Perfect Gift

Secondly, it makes the perfect gift! Totally affordable and cute, anyone is going to love to receive one. I sent one to my best friend last month for her birthday and she loved it! And yes, my best friend is an esthetician too.

Retail them in your Spa

I know I mentioned affordable, but seriously, if you are getting into retailing products, this is a great place to start. We do offer wholesale on the headband + washcloth and it’s gonna look beyond cute on your retail shelves.

Gift with Purchase

Giveaways...who doesn’t love a freebie? I’m sure many of you are getting back into the treatment room and looking for a fun welcome back gift to your long lost clients, or maybe you are looking for the perfect holiday gift/special. The headband is perfect! Use the headband during their treatment and send them home with it. When they find out that they get to keep the washcloth too, it’s a major bonus for them.

I could keep going but I think you get the point.

I also want to thank everyone who has been buying them from the website or from us through wholesale, it has been so fun seeing all you cuties and how you rock your headbands! Thank you for supporting us and our ideas, you make it possible for us to keep coming back for more and we love you so much for that.

I always want to hear from you guys so please, shoot me an email anytime, even just to say hi!

Thanks for being you! Now… WASH YOUR FACE and don’t forget to put your headband on first.



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