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Shop My Favorite Spa Decor

Shop My Favorite Spa Decor

One of the BEST ways to leave a lasting impression and set the mood for services on your clients as an esthetician?... SPA DECOR. (If I wasn’t an esthetician, I’d be an interior decorator.)

Seriously - don’t sleep on the power of really great spa decor. When your clients walk in, the first impression they get is based on your spa’s interior. How does it look? Is it warm welcoming or is it plain and dull?

Put yourself in the shoes of your client for a moment. When you enter a spa, how would you want to be greeted and feel? I’m guessing you’d want to feel at ease, safe, calm, and relaxed. 

Over my years as an esthetician, I’ve built up a collection of my go-to decor items. These are pieces that I’ve really noticed make a difference in the spa and have helped uplevel my client’s experience too! 

If your spa needs some freshening up or you don’t know where to start, save this blog post because you’re going to want to come back to this for all of my decor go-to's! Let’s jump right in. 

Here are a few spa decor items I’m currently loving…

  • Diffusers And Candles -  I LOVE to burn a good candle, a diffuser, you name it! (Not joking, I even have a “burn” drawer that Hailey made for me.) One of my favorite ways to start the day is by burning sage and palo santo as well as in-between clients to cleanse the space. Don’t underestimate the power of a good-smelling candle, it’s EVERYTHING, especially in a spa setting. 


P.S. A NEW signature Glow scent (a collab with My Friends Use This) is coming on 3/8/22… mark your calendars ;)


  • Water Features - These are sooo relaxing. Adding one of these into your spa will instantly create a relaxing ambiance that your clients (and you) will LOVE. My favorite one is from West Elm but is currently sold out. You can find some on Amazon too, like this one. 


  • Curtains - Forget diamonds… a girl can never have enough curtains! I am curtain obsessed. I love a good floor-to-ceiling one or even layered curtains. You can shop some really great ones here like a whimsy sheer curtain or a cozy velvet. It adds height, dimension, and style to your spa without all of the clutter.


  • Art Lights -  This is my signature move. Art lights are so easy to hang up and make everything look “important”, it’s a nice touch to your spa. The one I recommend is from Amazon and it has 3 lighting modes + an auto OFF timer which is very helpful. Shop for it here! (Glow tip: If you’ve ever done a photoshoot, get your photos printed and hang them in frames and then add this art light. Voila! You have original art.) 


Go ahead, treat yourself! A little spa decor never hurt anybody. ;)

Add these simple decor items to your spa and I guarantee you will notice a world of a difference. I always look forward to welcoming in my clients and giving them an incredible experience - and these decor items are a great way to do just that. 


Shop all the goods below: 


Decor Favorites

Things to Burn




Until next time,




To hear more, tune into our podcast episode! 

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