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Shop my Summer Amazon Favorites

Shop my Summer Amazon Favorites
Summer vacay starts now! If you have some traveling planned or you plan to stay local and hang by the pool, you need these Amazon finds in your life. 
Let’s dive right in - 

Amazon Summer Favorite #1: Ice Face Roller

Keep cool with this easy to use & super cute ice roller! It’s made of high-quality silicone and will leave you absolutely glowing. 
Glow tip: Make a tea with the Glow Herbal Steam for a Glow Herbal Ice! 

Amazon Summer Favorite #2: Oxygen Sprayer 

I am obsessed with this sprayer - it’s such a life saver to beat the summer heat. I’ve spent so much money in the past on expensive ones, but no more! This one’s AMAZING, especially for keeping your clients cool and hydrated. Click here to read more about my oxygen sprayer hack

Amazon Summer Favorite #3: Towel Cabby

Keep your towels warm with this cute and compact hot towel cabby. I like to keep things super clean and minimalistic in my treatment room, and this towel cabby is the perfect aesthetic. I’ve also tried countless other hot towel cabinets in my career and nothing surpasses this one. Grab one today - you won’t regret it! Click here to read more about my fav hot towel cabby.

Amazon Summer Favorite #4: UV Protection Sun Shade 

If you have a summer road trip planned, do yourself a favor and grab this sun shade for your car! This is a MUST for me, it has a dual-layer design and a mesh side that provides protection while allowing you to still maintain visibility while driving. It fits most car windows! You can read more details here. 
Happy Amazon shopping! I’m always on the hunt for more Amazon finds, so make sure you check back often! 


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