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The Glow Towel™, and Why it's Perfect for You!

The Glow Towel™, and Why it's Perfect for You!

The Perfect Facial Towel is here! Glow Towel™-patent pending, were created out of necessity. As an esthetician I was always on the hunt for a soft, yet durable towel to use in my treatment rooms that covered the face, neck and décolleté. For years I used multiple and towels, that were ruff and filled my laundry basket to the brim. So...I decided to make my own. Our Glow Towels™ are made for estheticians by an esthetician, so we can vouch for them. These super soft microfiber towels are my go-to in the treatment room. They cover the face, neck and décolleté and have the perfect slit to wrap comfortably around the face. Great for removing all masks, scrubs, cleansers and the best part is these save you time on laundry and money.

When you open your first pack of Glow towels we know you will instantly be obsessed with them. They really are just the softest towel you have ever felt.  This towel is used on the skin, that we, as esthetician's work so hard to make glow. It needs to be the best quality possible, and let me tell you it is!

Now, absorbency, this is such an important trait of the towel. I know it personally drives me crazy when I have a towel that kinda just moves the product around, you know what I mean! Not these, they are so absorbent they will remove an entire mask with just a few swipes.

These towels also have a slit. This was included in the design so that when they are applied to your client’s face there is a built in area for the nose, while still being able to easily remove product from the neck and chest. Once you use a slitted towel, you will never go back.

All we recommend doing before your first use is washing them. These towels are a crisp white. They require no special washing instructions, we just recommend following your state board guidelines.

As an esthetician I know we are hard on our towels. They rip, stain and fall through the cracks. That is why we offer the first ever Glow Towel™ monthly subscription! That means you are getting fresh towels delivered straight to you monthly. No more hanging onto old, stained towels. You should have the best and it should be delivered to you. Hello convenience.

Even more importantly, the clients love these towels. I know personally I have clients who get a pack for their own at home skin care routine.

Don't forget we also made these towels in Gray, if classic white isn't your thing. 

Thank you all for your continued support of Glow Skincare. We promise to continue to do everything we can to help you and the esthetics community grow and uplift each other.





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