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Wash Your Face | Headband + Washcloth

Our "Wash your Face" Headband + Washcloth set are a retail favorite for our spa partners.

Discounted Wholesale pricing is now directly on the site when you order 20+ or more.

Each set comes with one of our softest microfiber headbands + one makeup-removing washcloth!

The headband features black trim with a velcro closure for easy removal. Oh and don’t worry about messing up your hair, this headband stays in place and keeps your hair out of the way.

The washcloth features a little pocket for your fingers as well as added cushion for the most luxurious at-home facial experience.

We recommend washing both the headband and washcloth weekly, just like you would with your towels. Simply throw them in the wash with your towels and they are good to go! Read Kasey's laundry tips HERE

How to use: Gently wrap the adjustable headband around your or your client's face along the hairline and secure it with velcro keeping the ears tucked in. Then dampen the washcloth and use to gently remove masks, cleansers etc.

Tips: Once you fall in love, be sure to order at least one per client per day (if doing laundry daily). These also make great client gifts so don't forget to retail them too! Don't forget we offer wholesale when you order 20+.

Maintenance: Wash and dry after each use in the treatment room and once a week for home use. For more on laundry you can go HERE.

Benefits: Gently and securely keeps hairs out of the face, adjustable inclusive size, super soft and comfortable, easy to retail, the washcloth is super absorbent, pillow-like and adorable.