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Original Perfect Facial Towel™ - GRAY

The perfect facial towel is here! Made for estheticians by an esthetician. 

These award-winning, custom-designed towels are designed for the treatment room. They cover the face, neck and decollete, with a perfectly placed slit that makes it easy to wrap comfortably around your client's face.

Great for removing masks, cleansers, scrubs and more. Saving you time, space and they are easy to wash. This soft and absorbent towel features deluxe microfiber technology. Because a luxury service should have a luxury towel.

Can't get enough of these perfect towels? We offer wholesale discounts as well as a monthly subscription.

Please wash before use. Read Kasey's Laundry tips HERE.

How to use: Prepare your towels by dampening them with warm water. Ring out excess water. Optional: add your favorite essential oil, we love Glow. Add towels to towel warmer. To remove product such as mask, cleansers, etc. you will genty place the towel on your clients face with the slit over the mouth and nose. Gently wrap the panels over your client's eyes and forhead. We reccommed giving a short shoulder massage as well as applying gentle downward pressure on your clients decollete (with consent). Then you will gently wipe away product with the panels.

Tips: Since these towels come in two colors, we recommend having both on hand. Just be sure that for anything that could stain, you use gray. Also, once you fall in love, stock up with a wholesale order (20+) and then subscribe to our monthly towel subscription so you never run out! 

Maintenance: Wash and dry after each use. For more on laundry you can go HERE.

Benefits: Use fewer towels per facial, retains heat well, super soft, gentle, saves on laundry, space, and money, absorbent.

Also available in white.

The gray Original Perfect Facial Towel™ is now available for SUBSCRIPTION.

Discounted wholesale pricing is now directly on the site when you order 20+ or more.

Each pack contains 3 Original Perfect Facial Towels™

Buy 1 = 3 Towels