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La Glace Ice Roller

Ice. Cold. Luxury.

Andrea and Kasey have come together to bring you this chic, elevated and stunningly brilliant cold roller. These women are all about working hard, slowing down and enjoying the fruits of their labor. With La Glace all of this comes naturally. Enjoy your breakfast with a side of La Glace, or your afternoon cup of tea with an ice-cold La Glace facial massage. How about elevating your evening routine with a luxurious bath accompanied by your favorite essential oil and La Glace roller? The options are endless. Slow down, unwind and cold roll your way to a beautifully youthful, and effortless complexion.

Cold therapy is the secret to cool, calm and healthy skin. Our gorgeous cold roller is the (ice)  queen of all cool tools! Roll your skin with this state-of-the-art noiseless roller and the results will follow.
La Glace (ice) skin is on the way!
Created with a solid barrel of the highest quality materials in 316 medical grade stainless steel this incredible ice roller skin toll is just the trick to calming heat, puffiness, acne and reds-while on the go!
Store in the fridge when not in use roll over clean skin. No prep or products are needed but for a bonus treatment roll over cooling treatment mask.
To clean, swipe the barrel with alcohol and rinse.