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Kasey Boone: The Woman behind & in front of Glow Skincare



Spa owner and esthetician, Kasey Boone has made a name for herself within the beauty industry by building her brand, Glow Skincare, and also in creating Skin and the City podcast. A former dancer, Boone fell in love with the world of glamour and make-up at a very young age. She has always found herself inspired by the way beauty products and skincare could transform how a person looks and feels about themselves. She began training in the industry at the age of 18, and by 23 had launched Glow, her first business.

Now, sixteen years later, Boone has positioned herself as a leader in the industry. In 2018, she was honored to be named “The National Esthetician of the Year” by Cosmedix skincare. She has had the opportunity to appear on several TV shows including; Bravo’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and TruTV’s Upscale with Prentice Penny. She was even in an American Express Small Business Saturday radio ad.

Since its launch, Glow Skincare has grown and shifted from a skincare-service studio to now offering custom skincare tools, education and resources for estheticians. Glow is known for their luxe line of skincare tools includes the hugely popular cold rollers and #1 seller, Glow Towels™ which were created specifically with estheticians in mind. Since giving back is an important part of the business, Glow has organized “Cold Rollers for a Cause”, a charity campaign that is running multiple times throughout the year as well as offering free resources including Skin and the City podcast, weekly blogs on and so much more.

Boone believes in being open about her business in an attempt to help others within the beauty industry find the same success that she has had.

Though Boone has come a long way within the beauty industry, she has never lost her enthusiasm for the glamour, the products, or the sheer fun of the job. She looks forward to growing her business into other areas and finding new ways to empower people both in their own businesses and in their own skin.


Hailey Kurfess: Glow Skincare and Kasey Boone's Right Hand Woman



Hailey Kurfess has made a name for herself as an "honorary esthetician" and right hand woman to sister Kasey Boone. Kurfess is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations at Glow as well as managing the shipping department. Although Kurfess is not a licensed esthetician, she does have a love and history with skincare. She has struggled with skin problems her whole life, so looking for answers and learning to improve her skin has always been a priority. She has gained knowledge and confidence throughout her skincare journey, and continues to learn from Boone about new technologies and treatments.

Kurfess takes care of the business side of things, but she also enjoys connecting with with customers, creating custom graphics and working on creative projects within Glow and other brands. 

Now, with the Skin and the City podcast, which Kurfess co-host with Boone, she looks forward to recording weekly episodes, out every Monday. 

On top of all that, Kurfess does her best to keep up with Boone and her million-miles-a-minute work and business mentality. Being Boone's sister makes their day to day operations just that much more fun! The girls love to work hard and play hard, everything from decorating and rearranging the studio to collaborating with other brands and making deals.

Most of all, Kurfess is beyond grateful to get the opportunity to work alongside Boone and with all of you!