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3 Tips to Stay Glowing Through the Fall Season

3 Tips to Stay Glowing Through the Fall Season

It’s officially starting to feel like fall here in SoCal and I know there are so many of you, like me, who are feeling it in their skin. A little dry, maybe some of that pigmentation is showing itself from the summer sun and you even though the weather is changing you still want that GLOW. Here are 3 tips to keep your skin glowing through the fall season.


Hydrate, but also exfoliate!

One of the biggest problems I come across in the treatment room is dry skin. My clients tell me they are doing “everything” and their skin is still dry. After being the esthetician investigator (yes that is part of our job lol) I came to the realization that a lot of my clients were using lots of oils, hydrating  products, ect  but they weren’t exfoliating. 

You need to exfoliate on a regular basis if you struggle with dry skin because if you are putting hydrating products on dry skin, the product is just sitting there and not properly penetrating the skin. Make sense? Dry skin is dead, why would you put moisturizer on dead skin? Remove the dead, dry skin, then apply serums, moisturizer, oils (in that order) to properly hydrate the skin. Sounds simple but IT IS A GAME CHANGER! Also, order matters. Please always apply serums, then moisturizer, then OIL at the very end. (Comment below if you want an entire blog on this?)


Fight the Darkness

If you struggle with dark spots, melasma or any type of hyperpigmentation. Fall/Winter is the best time to treat this. My two favorite ways to treat this is with Cosmedix Metabolic Peels ( done by a professional, please don't try to peel yourself at home) and some great home care. Including my favorite brightening duo Simply Brilliant + Pure C from Cosmedix. This combo will gently exfoliate the skin and bring brightness back while also helping prevent future discoloration and fight aging. In layman terms, Simply Brilliant helps inhibit your pigmentation, basically telling your dark spots to chill out and not show themselves.


Water, Water, Water

Make sure you are staying hydrated by drinking your water and eating your water. More on eating your water Here. Yes we need to hydrate topically, some of my favs are Reboot and Surge but make sure you are staying hydrated. Water is key in keeping your skin glowing and your body hydrated. Meaning drinking and eating your water won’t immediately make your skin super hydrated but it's keeping your entire body hydrated including your skin. Think about your overall health. If you are eating right and drinking enough water your body will thank you, and one of those includes GLOWING skin. 


Remember none of these things are a quick fix. But adding some or all of these things into your routine will help get you one step closer to glowing skin.


Shop Simply Brilliant, Pure C, Reboot + Surge Here

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