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The Who, What, Where, When, and Why of Wholesale

The Who, What, Where, When, and Why of Wholesale

Etsy’s, let’s have a chat. I think it’s time for a full discussion on wholesale and why it’s so beneficial to your business! 

If you’re looking to scale and grow your esthetician business, give your clients long-term transformations, and ultimately make more profit, then this blog post is definitely for you. 

Wholesale is such a great way to provide an even BETTER experience to your clients, you’re providing them something of value that they can then take home to enhance their service. It’s also a great way to encourage long-term results for your clients as they’ll be able to upkeep their skincare routine at home. In the long run, they’ll feel better and they’ll love you so much for recommending such game-changing products.

Let’s break down the who, what, where, when, and why of wholesale. Grab your pen and paper, get ready to take notes! 


So, first and foremost… who can even sell wholesale? Essentially, ANYONE running a business who has a Seller’s Permit. This does depend on your city, state, or country. I recommend reaching out to your city first and seeing what the guidelines are.


What EVEN is wholesale? Wholesale is where you can purchase products (like Glow Skincare tools), use them in your treatment room, and retail to your clients! Pretty cool, right? You also typically get a large discount from purchasing wholesale, sometimes up to 50% less than retail value. By purchasing wholesale products at a discounted rate, you’re way more likely to bring in passive income for your business. 



When should you sell wholesale? My answer is simple. Always! Every opportunity you see to offer value to your client, do it. It’s always nice for a client to leave the treatment room with something to amplify their service, so why not? Plus it builds up a trusting relationship between the two of you when they have great results from the products you recommended.




There are honestly so many benefits to offering wholesale products to your clients from the relationship, the results they get, to the profit you bring in as a business owner. As an esthetician, you’re truly in the business of networking and connections. The more you build up relationships with your clientele, the more business you’ll have. Whether that be through referrals or long-lasting clients. Offering something for them to take home after their services with you is always a good idea. Plus - you can sell wholesale in-store and online! The opportunities are endless to offer these products to your clients and ensure they have an incredible experience with you. 

How GLOW can help level up your treatment room and client experience.

Of course, I have to give a shout-out to our Glow Skincare line here. How could I not? I’m really passionate about helping fellow etsy’s grow a successful and sustainable business through offering wholesale, and that’s exactly why I created Glow Skincare. 


If you’re ready to take the dive into the wholesale world, I recommend checking out our products to get started! Just to name a few reasons why…

  • There’s no buy-in required. We don’t have any minimum purchase requirements, the only minimums we have is that most products require 20 units in order to get the wholesale pricing (P.S. this isn’t common among other wholesalers, just another reason to be getting your wholesale from Glow! I get it because I’m an esthetician too). 
  • The more you buy, the more you SAVE! 
  • Holidays are approaching, which is crazy to think about, but with Glow Skincare you can stock up your shelves and be fully prepped for the etsy holiday rush. (Psst, check out our podcast episode on how to prepare for the holiday rush here).
  • You’ll be able to stock up your treatment room with the perfect facial towel, our Glow Towel, and can’t forget the fan brush of your dreams, the Champagne Fan Brush. Two essential items every treatment room should never be running out of! 


Whether you own a spa, skincare studio, or you’re a solo etsy, this is your sign to start purchasing wholesale. Let me know if you give Glow Skincare a try, I’d love to hear what transformation offering these wholesale products brings to your biz.


Until next time,



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I would love to inquire about wholesale pricing and more specifically if you do custom branding on your headbands?


Can I get the wholesale pricing for the glow towel? Thanks

janice todd

Interested in wholesale


Hello, I reached out a few weeks ago about custom branding. But I forgot to ask about wholesale pricing without branding. Could you please send a price list and how to order. Thank you

wholesale suppliers australia

You’ve got some very amazing insights, and it’s really put together well. You did a great job on this post!