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Acrylic Fan Brush

The Champagne Fan Brush's little sister is here!

We are obsessed with our newest fan brush! Featuring an acrylic handle, and soft but dense bristles, you have never seen such a gorgeous fan brush. Help your clients to relax while creating a beautiful, glowing complexion using our Acrylic Fan Brush. The brush's clear handle coupled with soft bristles and shorter handle makes it perfect for applying your favorite enzymes and peels. It's the newest must-have tool for the treatment room. Don't forget our Champagne Fan Brush for thick hydrating masks, clay masks and cleaners. 

How to use: Dip bristles in product, and apply to the skin. Once product application is complete remove any remaining product, wash with soap and water and follow your state board guidelines.

Tips: Get at least two, one for each hand. Better yet, stock up! We offer wholesale pricing and recommend having at least 2 per client, per day.

Maintenance: To help your fan brush last, do not allow it to soak in water, disinfectant, or any other liquid for longer than 5 minutes.

Benefits: Low product waste, super-soft bristles, easy to hold, lightweight, state board friendly in all 50 states.

Discounted Wholesale pricing is now directly on the site when you order 20+ or more.