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Deep Cleanse Silicone Brush

Micro without the machine.

These are better (and more gentle than micro) and our new favorite way to exfoliate in the treatment room and at home! We love to use two at a time in the treatment room with our favorite mask or cleanser and then have them on our retail shelves so our clients can safely exfoliate at home. Watch HERE see them in action.

Not only do these brushes exfoliate in a safe and gentle way, but they are extremely durable! 

The silicone brush features an exfoliating head, as well as a spatula which can be used for applying product directly to the client's skin or into a bowl.

The perfect shade of nude will go with any aesthetic and looks great displayed in your treatment room or at home!

Easy to clean and disinfect.

How to use: After applying mask, cleanser, etc. to you or your client's face, gently massage the product with the bristles.

Tips: Get at least two, one for each hand.

Maintenance: Disinfect with soap and water and follow your state board guidelines.

Benefits: Gently exfoliates, deep cleans skin, comfortable weight, easy to maintain, durable, dual action exfoliator and spatula.

Discounted Wholesale pricing is now directly on the site when you order 20+ or more.