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Esthetician Resources to Help Build Your Clientele

Esthetician Resources to Help Build Your Clientele

Building and keeping a clientele is so important as an esthetician! Over the years, I’ve learned a lot about what it takes to build a solid relationship with clients. So, I’ve put everything together and created must-have resources to help you do the same!


+ The Intake Form 


Intake forms… we all need them. But who has the time to create a custom intake form with all the right questions AND a beautiful design? Grab our “Glow Standard” intake form and don’t worry about doing all of that legwork! 


We noticed there doesn’t seem to be a standard form in the industry, so we created our 3-page Glow Standard intake form with you in mind. It features need-to-know questions from you to your clients. It also includes a 1-page “day of appointment” form for all clients to fill out - both new & old. 

+ The Rewards Card and Stamp After Every Service… So Fun! 



The “Glow Standard” Rewards card is something that your clients are going to LOVE! Does anyone else remember the days when you’d walk into Claire’s and get your rewards card? The nostalgia! These reward cards will remind you of that. 


Once you purchase the rewards card, your digital download will be available for you to download & print at your local printer or wherever you prefer. (We love using Vista Print, it’s fast, easy, and they look professional!) 


You can find some fun custom stamps on Amazon, our favorite is this star stamp that you can easily customize. They’re smudge-free & long-lasting, a super easy and simple way to customize your rewards cards


+ Thank You Postcard  


Sending out thank you cards is such a thoughtful touch for your clients! And as a bonus, the “Glow Standard” Thank You postcard goes PERFECTLY with your form and rewards. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love cohesive stationery and a piece of hand-written mail? 



All of our resources are created in a beautiful neutral spa design. If you want a custom design, we can help you with that too! Just send Hailey an email at 

Glow Tip: Become a Glow Skincare member & get 50% off ALL resources! 





To hear more, tune into our podcast episode! 

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hi there, i came across your small business website & would like to know where did you get yourself certifed?